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Taming That Sweet Tooth With Vegan Desserts

Let’s talk about chocolate.

Ah, the beloved chocolate dessert. If you’re anything like me, chocolate is a top priority in your life. However, transitioning to a vegan lifestyle did not easily allow me to indulge the way I wanted to. Even though I was feeling wonderful and healthy at the end of the day, something was missing and I wasn’t completely satisfied. I needed chocolate and i needed it NOW.

So, there I was fumbling through my kitchen cabinets looking at the labels of boxes of anything that contained what I was craving and I was at a total loss. And that’s normal! When you live your entire life leading one lifestyle and instantly change to another, your brain needs the time to switch gears and get going in the right direction.  I actually went to school for Pastry Arts and I knew the ingredients that I was going to have to use to make any sort of dessert were definitely a no-no.

I did what any normal basic girl (me) would do and I took to the Holy Grail, Pinterest.

After a couple of minutes of searching I came across this.♥♥♥♥♥



YES. This, my friends, is the One Minute Vegan Peanut Butter Microwave Brownie in a Mug. The beautiful Alex of “My Vibrant Kitchen” shared this recipe and I have got to give her props this is my new go-to dessert. Especially on nights when I get home from work and have very little stamina left to do basically anything. All you have to do is mix together your dry ingredients, add your wet ingredients, toss it in the microwave for one minute if you like your brownies on the fudgey side,leave in a little longer if you’d like a cake-like consistency and wha-la! I like to top mine with a little Ben and Jerry’s dairy free ice cream and I am telling you it’s so easy and delicious you’re going to want to treat yourself to this vegan goodness every day.

A huge shout out to Alex for sharing this recipe and beautiful photo with the world and I highly encourage you to check out her website which I will link below. Thank you for visiting and I hope  that you all have a very decadent day!



To see the full list of ingredients for this recipe please click here ->

For more awesome vegan recipes please head on over to 

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