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Learning to Love Ourselves

Hi again,

In light of the subtitle here, “Learning to Love Ourselves”, I thought it might be nice to share with you how I’m working on that subject myself. Life can be hard, especially If you happen to be one of the many people that blame themselves when things go awry, like I am.

As people, we are constantly editing ourselves. For instance, I’ve already deleted and re-wrote that last paragraph at least five times now. Why are we so concerned with what other people will think or say when it comes to who we are or how we look or what we say?

The road for self-acceptance is a long one. First, we have to step back. Like, way back. Really break down piece by piece everything that’s bothering you about yourself. Maybe it’s something you said that’s been bothering you for a week. Maybe you got a hair cut and you thought you liked it until you walked out of the salon and someone looked at you a millisecond too long. Maybe you’ve been trying to go to the gym because you saw pictures of girls on Instagram that were all smaller than yourself and you felt like you didn’t fit in.

You’re not the only one.

So, Let’s take our step backwards. Let’s break it all down, and let’s ask ourselves, “what does it matter”? In the big scheme of things, and I mean the really big scheme of things, our whole existence is not defined by our insecurities. When we lay in bed at night when we are eighty years old, we will not think about what we said, what anyone thought about our haircut, or how heavy or light we were in the year 2017.

We’ll think about how great it was to have Sunday dinners with our loved ones, we’ll think about how nice it was to meet the people that we met, and we’ll be thankful to have the memories that we were given.

So, I guess that my number one tip when learning to love yourself is to let go of your insecurities.  Do what makes YOU happy. Say what YOU feel you should say. Stop thinking about what other people will think, and just enjoy today. As you.




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